MR.X Character (W.I.P)

Started this as a exercise to learn X-Gen. But then decided to texture this guys as well. This character is still a WIP so I may change things or even try out some other hairstyle. Just to get a firm grip with X-Gen. Nothing sure for now.
Used XYZ alphas for and hand sculpting in zbrush for details.
Texturing done using polypainting in Zbursh making use of the HD model for adding high frequency details. No Photos used.
Used the Al shader in Vray for Skin, Al shader is amazing for skin. Vray Hair shader for the Hair. I will also be trying some other hair colors and Put some updates later on.
I am working on this guys clothing as well. Will post some updates soon.


Modeling – Maya, Zbrush

Texturing – Zbrush

Rendering – Vray

Hair – Maya X-Gen

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